Waving Hello

After a few months out of work, I am happy to announce that I started a brand new job today as an Assistant Editor with the Audience Network.

While the waiting was hard, and at many times I grew frustrated, this position was a blessing that could only have come from God. The commute this time around will not be quite as taxing, meaning I'll be able to catch up on rest and get home at a more reasonable hour. Being that I previously met the other Audience AE while I was on Playmobil, I was able to quickly form a relationship with the Post Team. Finally, as someone who loves to learn, getting to experience yet another side of Editorial has filled me with joy as I get to continue to broaden my Assistant Editing knowledge.

I'm greatly looking forward to what's to come as production ramps up in the next few weeks, and can't wait for the new adventures to be had!